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a.1.Relating to biomagnetism.
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The induced expectation for one of the yoga classes (as determined by coin flip) was presented in the form of a fake biomagnetic titanium silicone bracelet.
The SQUID magnetometer, a new device used by conventional researchers, measures biomagnetic fields emitted from the heart, brain, and muscles.
28), (29) These include quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and sophisticated research methods that are not readily available, such as SQUID or biomagnetic liver susceptometry and transverse magnetic relaxation rate.
From the perspective of the precessing magnetic moments, the biomagnetic field generated by neuronal activity also contributes to the applied magnetic field, thereby altering their precessional frequencies.
Cellular porphyrins photooxidation are involved in sensing of earth magnetic fields and low level biomagnetic fields.
Other key services being offered are Biomagnetic Energy Field Therapy -- a field has witnessed continuous development and viewed as an effective form of alternative treatment; and Hijama, or wet cupping, an Arab traditional medicine that relieves pain.
After setting out the fundamental concepts, they cover measuring pressure; flow; motion and force; temperature, heat flow, and evaporation; bioelectric and biomagnetic levels; and chemicals.
A FEM analysis of magnetically induced biomagnetic fluid mixing, Rev.
We are told about biomagnetic alpha and beta waves that normally circulate through vital centres and that when such circulation is cut off, bioelectric alterations and ionic imbalances result.
The 3 minutes of MFI were recorded at rest and under infusion of 144[micro]g/kg/min adenosine respectively in the Biomagnetic Centre of the University of Jena with 56 measuring points.