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 (bûrd′zī′), Clarence 1886-1956.
American inventor who received over 300 patents, most notably for methods of quick-freezing food.



Clarence, 1886–1956, U.S. inventor and businessman: developer of food-freezing process.


adj., n., pl. -eyes. adj.
1. seen from above; panoramic: a bird's-eye view of the city.
2. superficial; general: a bird's-eye view of ancient history.
3. having markings resembling birds' eyes: bird's-eye tweed.
4. any of various plants having small, round, bright-colored flowers, as a primrose, Primula farinosa.
a. a pattern in fabric, typically a small diamond with a center dot.
b. a fabric having this pattern.
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Honda Motor Company (Honda) (NYSE: HMC) (TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, is introducing a new birds-eye view camera and i-SRS airbags in Japan.
The new birds-eye view camera is to be equipped in the next-generation JDM Odyssey minivan, which is to arrive at United States dealerships in October 2008.