n.1.An airwoman; an aviatress.
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She has been dubbed the Birdwoman of the Dochas after the famous American inmate Robert Franklin Stroud who was known as the Birdman of Alcatraz.
ON SHOW Deborah Snell's work, clockwise from above, The Three Fates, Storm at Sea and Birdwoman
Yet the Pukka cook is not the only celebrity chef to become a fan of the Midland birdwoman.
But my adopted role as birdwoman of the Holme Valley is fiercely contested by my mother who feeds her birds almost religiously and with all manner of goodies.
However, in the dim recesses of his memory, a picture emerges of young Sergeant piling the boxes in an Anfield alley, so that he could climb on them to peer over the wall into the backyard of a Miss Fleming, dubbed the Birdwoman from Elsie Road by the popular prints, because she had defied a court order to stop feeding in her yard the pigeons, who were deemed a health hazard.
56) Accordingly, the grotesque winged aerialiste embodies Cixous's newly born woman writer, creating her subversive text(ure) by fusing translinguistic, giggling child play, unheimlich witchcraft of Lizzie's household magic, hysterically excessive writing from/on the body, risky borderline rope-dance and revisionary flight of a birdwoman into her ironically playful Nights at the Circus.
The Norwegian birdwoman told husband Knut to keep away from her for fear of cracking the abandoned egg.
Miss Dingwall - dubbed the Birdwoman of Glenfarg - went to court to fight the ban but a sheriff has ruled Perth and Kinross Council was right to serve her with the abatement notice.
A DISABLED lady, dubbed the Birdwoman of Glenfarg, yesterday went to court to fight a council ban on feeding her feathered friends in her garden.
There she discovers the mystery of Birdwoman, a feral young woman living on the rocky island and learns of a shipwreck in 1946 when men returning from war were drowned at sea.
They claim Miss Dingwall - dubbed the Birdwoman of Glenfarg - has been feeding the birds too much, leading to excess fouling.
Birdwoman Grace Robertson is feathering her nest by working as a GOOSE-SCARER.