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A trademark for a sandal with a molded cork insole.


(ˈbɜr kənˌstɒk)
Trademark. a brand of sandals.
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Well established Shoe Store offering Birkenstock, LePlume and OSHA approved work shoes.
An oldie but a goodie, be comfy and stylish in a classic Birkenstock with a modern metallic twist.
1 PHILLIP LIM, sandals BIRKENSTOCK, socks STYLIST's own socks.
html) Birkenstock pulled its products from Amazon as it became too difficult to rid the site of knockoffs and Apple (https://www.
Fashion brands include the likes of Adidas, Birkenstock and Levis.
Dubai -- German shoemaker Birkenstock recorded a 40 per cent growth in sales this year and the company is looking for another double-digit growth for its global operations as well as Gulf countries next year, its top official says.
The success of his stores is, in part, credited with a boom in the healthy food movement whereby terms like organic, local, wild and hormone-free are becoming rote for more than just the Birkenstock crowd.
The company stocks exclusive collections of comfort footwear including the entire family of Birkenstock shoes, Finn Comfort line of products and Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Health sandals.
But these are definitely not looks for the Birkenstock crowd -- think gowns, sharp suits and hot colours.
It also houses the relocated Kenneth Cole and newly-opened Birkenstock in addition to Anota and Bahraini-owned Boulevard Gallery and Noof Boutique.
His work includes green products for the likes of Herman Miller and Birkenstock, as well as socially responsible projects such as the One Laptop Per Child.