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A domestic cat of a large breed developed in France from a Burmese breed, having a long cream-colored coat with dark ears, face, tail, and legs, white paws, and blue eyes.

[French birman, Burman, from earlier Birman, Burma.]


(Breeds) a breed of large long-haired cat having a light-coloured coat with dark face, tail, and legs, and white feet
[variant of Burman, a Burmese cat]
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Jusqu'au 6 mars 2018, date a laquelle le musee de l'Holocauste de Washington, aux Eetats-Unis, a retire a la " Dame de Rangoon " le prix " Elie Wiesel ", qui lui avait ete remis en 2012, pour son " action courageuse et son grand sacrifice personnel " contre les militaires et son combat pour " la liberte et la dignite du peuple birman ".
The Fox report featured a video from a professor at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Dan Birman, who not only showcased Brown's journey but also pushed for her justice.
Enquanto Frederico coelho propoe uma genealogia do conceito de marginal, Daniela Birman questiona a propria dicotomia centro-margem, sugerindo que a nocao de marginalidade deve ser pensada em suas diversas associacoes e negociacoes com o mercado editorial, a critica academica e a tradicao literaria.
L'esclavage est par ailleurs de plus en plus concu comme vecteur d'echanges culturels entre les populations de l'Asie du Sud-Est, a l'image de l'art birman inspire de l'epopee du Ramayana a travers les captifs ramenes d'Ayutthaya (Beemer 2009).
On paper, it may have seemed like the nearly seven-year long journey USC Annenberg professor Dan Birman had spent documenting the case of Cyntoia Brown, a teenager arrested for murder in Tennessee, was all but over with the release of his documentary in 2011.
Peaches is a Birman, fluffy cream cat, age seven Lauren Jordan says: "My three-year-old cat Oreo when she had her kittens.
Now, on the subject of cats I did have some experience having kept two Birman cats, Misty and then Tinky for more than two decades.
Chef Javier Birman is serving the menu weekly, from 7-11.
Executive chef Javier Birman and his team's menu of organic dishes will change frequently and is priced at US$45 (AED165) per person for the three courses.
Chanel will also reveal unique pieces for the first time including the Lion Birman ring and the Lion Antique necklace.
REAL LIFE p8 fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said he wanted to get married to his cat - Choupette, a white Birman.