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(Russian birəbidˈʒan) or


1. (Placename) a city in SE Russia: capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region. Pop: 77 250 (2002)
2. (Placename) another name for the Jewish Autonomous Region


or Bi•ro•bi•jan

(ˌbɪr oʊ bɪˈdʒɑn)

the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region, in E Siberia, in the SE Russian Federation in Asia, W of Khabarovsk. 82,000.
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And, in fact, our third case of the opening of the basic department is in Birobidzhan, "said Veronika Skvortsova.
They also visited a synagogue and community center in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, and in that region's capital, Birobidzhan, performed in a local pub, where the staff became fans and lavished the group with food and drinks.
160) Richard Pipes, "The Sad Fate of Birobidzhan," New York Review of Books, 27 October 2016.
Srebrnik contends that following the 1956 Khrushchev revelations, Jewish Party members had to confront the reality that the USSR and its promised Birobidzhan region had not offered a viable safe heaven from anti-Semitism.
But her father was a Communist from Birobidzhan who referred to the Land of Israel as Palestine and refused even to visit unless historical wrongs were righted and so on and so forth, so why did she care that I was 'not at all Jewish?
The engineers of the Ruzhinskii depot and the Voroshilov depot traversed without taking in any water from the station of Volochaevok to Birobidzhan, some 117 kilometers, with an average speed on 37.
Birobidzhan (a variant spelling) was established as an autonomous Jewish region in Siberia on the Soviet-China border in 1928.
Baigell's fourth chapter opens with a discussion of cartoons that reveled in the fall of Czar Nicholas II and celebrated the new freedoms that the Soviet Union seemed to offer Jews, including the establishment of the autonomous region of Birobidzhan.
While historians have not been able to confirm reports that preparations were underway in 1953 to deport all or most of Russia's Jews to Birobidzhan, The Yid vividly imagines that massive pogrom-that-never-was and all of its appalling implications, as well as an act of mythopoetic Jewish heroism that staved off the threat, spicing it all with as many bits of history, lore and comedy as could conceivably be squeezed in.
Office in Vladivostok will be convenient for consular services to citizens of Kyrgyz Republic living in Vladivostok, Sakhalin, cities of Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk and Birobidzhan.
Birobidzhan, 1938 of west Ukrainian Jewish roots, attended seminary in Budapest and was ordained in April 1980.
The communists offered their own solution; it materialized in the Jewish autonomous "Oblast" first ever republic in the Russian Birobidzhan, close to the border of the former Soviet Union with China, which was home to some three million Jews before some one third of them immigrated to Israel following the collapse of the communist empire.