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Noun1.birthday cake - decorated cake served at a birthday partybirthday cake - decorated cake served at a birthday party
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
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Dogs' birthday cakes can be purchased at doggy bakeries, while doggy cupcakes can be bought at regular bakeries.
Honing her skill with a knowledge in cake decorating from the Fair Cake Premier School in London, United Kingdom, she had her perfections with Oven Secret's trademark of creating bespoke celebration cakes ranging from birthday cakes, wedding cakes and cup cakes that express and replicate the imaginations of her clients in form of cakes.
Birthday cakes are one the significant part of the celebration of the day and everyone loves to get the celebration to start off with a thoughtful and delighting cake.
Expect to see more employees of the Makati Action Center (MAC) delivering birthday cakes to the homes of senior citizens around the city - not because the local elderly population suddenly spiked, but because City Hall has a lot of catching up to do.
Kelly, who lives in Kensington with her partner Colin and son Jayden, set up a Liverpool branch of Free Cakes For Kids to provide birthday cakes for youngsters who would otherwise go without.
Similar programs and seminars were conducted in various cities and towns across the country while Jiyalas cut the birthday cakes.
Yet far from birthday cakes becoming the mundane, money-earners of Lebanon's patisseries, they remain the pride of many bakers and among their favorite items to create.
This bright, festive title with color photographs of children and their birthday cakes will inspire ideas for the occasion.
The Just Love Food Company was set up by Mike Woods after struggling to find suitable birthday cakes on the market for his two children with nut allergies.
CELEBRATIONS started early as late-night Christmas shoppers were treated to birthday cakes.