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 (bĭs-ō′prə-lôl′, -lōl′, bĭs′ō-prō′lôl, -lōl)
A beta-blocker drug, C18H31NO4, used in its fumarate form to treat hypertension.

[Perhaps b(is)-, (in reference to the two isopropyl groups at either end of the molecule) + isopro(pyl) + -olol, beta-blocker suffix; see propranolol.]


n bisoprolol m
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Apart from that, too much green tea can also reduce the effect of another beta blocker called celiprolol, but not bisoprolol and atenolol.
Each patch contains either a four or eight milligram dose and provides a steady flow of bisoprolol, which is a type of beta-blocker
She was commenced on bisoprolol, irbesartan and frusemide, with gradual improvement of dyspnoea.
When he gets up, he has to take beta blocker bisoprolol, ramipril, which treats high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, lansoprazole, to inhibit the stomach's production of gastric acids, as well as aspirin, which helps prevent blood clots.
and his colleagues conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing outcomes between clinical trial subjects with systolic HF or AMI receiving carvedilol and those receiving betarselective BBs (specifically atenolol, metoprolol, bisoprolol, and nebivolol) (Am.
54 and EUR96 respectively for a month's supply of People Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Simvastatin, Bisoprolol, Ramipril and a Glyceryl Trinitrate spray.
We reported a 35-year-old woman with LPP possibly induced by bisoprolol.
A clinical study conducted in patients with mild to moderate hypertension revealed that daily 5 mg nebivolol and 5 mg bisoprolol treatments had similar efficacy in lowering diastolic blood pressure (nebivolol -15.
Agents commonly used in clinical practice are sustained release metoprolol, carvedilol, bisoprolol and nebivolol.
I presently have to take 30 mg Phenobarbital four times daily and an infant dose of bisoprolol (generic for Ziac) once day.
That study randomized 59 patients with high-risk echocardiographic findings to perioperative bisoprolol or standard care.