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An ancient country of northwest Asia Minor in present-day Turkey. Originally inhabited by Thracians, it was absorbed into the Roman Empire by the end of the first century bc.

Bi·thyn′i·an adj. & n.


(Placename) an ancient country on the Black Sea in NW Asia Minor


(bɪˈθɪn i ə)

an ancient state in NW Asia Minor.
Bi•thyn′i•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Bithynia - an ancient country in northwestern Asia Minor in what is now TurkeyBithynia - an ancient country in northwestern Asia Minor in what is now Turkey; was absorbed into the Roman Empire by the end of the 1st century BC
Nicaea - an ancient city in Bithynia; founded in the 4th century BC and flourished under the Romans; the Nicene Creed was adopted there in 325
Anatolia, Asia Minor - a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey
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Consider also the report of the governor of Bithynia, Pliny the Younger, to the Emperor Trajan.
This Roman author and administrator in Bithynia (modern Turkey) wrote to Roman Emperor Trajan about how to deal with the Christians in that province.
I'm hoping Palmer can strike again with his Kodiac filly BITHYNIA (4.
113) Pliny the Younger, governor of Bithynia, had a method of dealing with people accused of being Christian that was common among the governing authorities of the day: the accused were brought before the governor, required to "pray to the gods [of Rome], bum incense before the image of the emperor, and curse Christ, something that he had heard true Christians would never do.
But the philosophers were not following such a track, as can be seen from the stark contrast between their approach and the legalistic agenda in Pliny's security report to Trajan in 98 on his investigation into what Christian practices were exercised in Christian groups in Bithynia.
Bithynia tentaculata (Gastropoda), zebra mussels Dreissena polymorpha (Bivalvia) and Erpobdella sp.
All this creates habitats favorable for the life of Bithynia leachi shellfish.
The first ecumenical council of Christian Church held under Constantine the Great in 325 at Nice, or Nicaea, in Bithynia, Asia Minor, to condemn the Arian heresy" (Brewer, 2001, p.
Frequency-reliant corretive patterns of asymmetric lacustrine-paralic sequences: a genetic approach to the late Miocene Bithynia Marlstones of the southeastern Volterra Basin.
The comes Leucadius wants to marry the Christian Theodota (III), (73) who ran away from her hometown in Bithynia and is brought before the emperor in Pannonia.