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A lake of southern Honshu, Japan, west of Nagoya. It is the largest lake in the country and a popular scenic resort area.


(ˈbi wɑ)

Lake, the largest lake in Japan, on Honshu, near Kyoto. 260 sq. mi. (673 sq. km).
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A strong group of Japanese men is led by Takashi Horiguchi, who cracked the top 10 in Chicago last fall and ran a personal best of 2:09:16 at the Lake Biwa Marathon in February.
Kurita said the record-tying fish is not the biggest largemouth bass he has hooked in Lake Biwa.
He felt settled enough by 1996 to build a family home on the shores of Lake Biwa, north of Kyoto.
About 260 groups and associations rallied behind Kunimatsu, a former prefectural official in charge of general affairs and health and welfare matters, who has promoted preserving Lake Biwa and improving a welfare program for the handicapped.
Other sites slated for the biodiversity observation project in Japan include Lake Biwa (Shiga Prefecture), Seto Inland Sea and the Kerama islands in Okinawa.
Reigakusha use accurate reproductions of the original instruments, including the familiar koto, along with the more obscure ryuteki (bamboo flute), hichiriki (reed flute), sho (mouth organ with 17 pipes), biwa (lute), shoko (gong), taiko (large barrel d rum) and kakko (small barrel drum).
IOUG special interest groups (SIGs) will have tables set aside for topic-specific networking, including Oracle WebCenter, BIWA and zSeries.
not just with eco-friendly products but also in the way we produce those products and the way in which we support our many communities with environ mentally-friendly activities such as wildlife habitats and our Lake Biwa initiative in Japan.
Parts of Kyoto and Shiga prefectures fall within a 30-kilometer radius from the plant, and Lake Biwa in Shiga provides water for many people in western Japan.
Picture: Miss Namibia 2011 finalist, Reliance Biwa (left) with Natanael from CLaSH and Karolina Hangula with Shuudeni, from CLaSH at the Bank Windhoek Theatre school (Photograph by Johanna Absalom)
Genres of performed musical narrative (katarimono) accompanied by biwa and the medieval lyric no drama are covered respectively in Komoda Haruko's "The: Musical Narrative of The Table of the Heike" (chap.
Forty Niner has sired 54 stakes winners in 15 crops of racing age, including three other Japan-ese-breds - Koolinger, Meiner Select and Biwa Shinseiki - who have earned more than $3 million each.