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(bɪˈzɜːtə; French bizɛrt) or


(Placename) a port in N Tunisia, on the Mediterranean at the canalized outlet of Lake Bizerte. Pop: 118 000 (2005 est)


(bɪˈzɜr tə, -ti, -ˈzɛərt)

also Bi•zer•ta


a seaport in N Tunisia. 94,509.
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The National Research Unit in Terrorism Crimes of National Guard spotted members of the cell, including "a very dangerous element," in the northern city of Bizerte, the ministry said in a statement, affirming that the suspects adopt the radical ideology of ISIL.
Description : training sessions on good governance, decision-making and the green economy at reginal level in Bizerte tunisia
Every Tunisian has the right to obtain a Tunisian passport and identity card, even former President, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his family, so they do not live hunted their entire life", Ghannouchi told a gathering of his party supporters in Bizerte, in the north of the country.
For the old regime, this is its last stand," Marzouki told AFP on the sidelines of campaigning in the northern city of Bizerte.
The following day, we headed to Bizerte, the oldest town in Tunisia, and stopped on the way at the Ichkeul National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Next day we took in the delights of capital city Tunis - very much a city and lacking the quaint charm of Sidi Bou Said Next day we took in the delights of capital city Tunis - very much a city and lacking the quaint charm of Sidi Bou Said and Bizerte.
La selection nationale feminine de football affrontera, aujourd'hui, au stade Bsiri, a Bizerte, son homologue tunisienne pour le compte du match retour du dernier tour eliminatoire de la coupe d'Afrique des nations 2014.
The port near the Bizerte refinery has the country's fifth terminal.
Built in 1962 by Snamprogetti of the ENI group, the Bizerte refinery is owned and run by STIR.
La selection marocaine feminine de football des moins de 20 ans a ete eliminee au 1er tour des qualifications de la Coupe du monde de football apres une defaite face a la Tunisie par 4 buts a 1, vendredi a Bizerte en match retour.
In order to understand how youth are feeling and what they are doing to help Tunisia work through this difficult time, I spoke with youth council leaders in three different cities -- Mohamed Messai in Sousse, Ghada Daly in Sidi Bouzid and Zeinab Aouini in Bizerte.