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 (bē-zā′), Alexandre César Léopold Known as "Georges." 1838-1875.
French composer known for his opera Carmen (1875).


(ˈbiːzeɪ; French bizɛ)
(Biography) Georges (ʒɔrʒ). 1838–75, French composer, whose works include the opera Carmen (1875) and incidental music to Daudet's L'Arlésienne (1872)



Georges (Alexandre César Léopold), 1838–75, French composer.
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Noun1.Bizet - French composer best known for his operas (1838-1875)Bizet - French composer best known for his operas (1838-1875)
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8232;Although he wrote Carmen in 1875, Georges Bizet set the drama against the exotic backdrop of Spain in the 1830s.
Bizet is a French composer who lived in the Romantic Era; he is mostly known for his opera composition "Carmen.
It's these French musical traits that are lovingly caught on this new Atma Classique CD with the New Brunswick mezzosoprano Michele Losier and pianist Olivier Godin, in a nicely varied selection of melodies by Gounod, Massenet, Franck, Bizet and Saint-Saens.
Georges Bizet (1838-1875) murio a los 37 anos pensando que su mejor opera, Carmen (1875), habia sido un fracaso.
My own inclination to offer a new study of Bizet in English is prompted less by a desire to add anything new to a discussion of Carmen, and more by curiosity about the rest of his oeuvre and by a desire to set the composer in the context of French music of the Second Empire in which he displayed, as far as his contemporaries could tell while he was still alive, great talent but not actual genius, (p.
The next "Met: Live in HD" broadcast at Cinema Pink, which is inside the Akmerkez shopping mall, is again an opera by Bizet.
The Bizet songs are remarkably beautiful, as are the songs from the lesser-known 20th century Spanish composers, Orbradors and Montsalvatge.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: preparation and production art project - the spectacle of opera "carmen" by georges bizet, directed by beata redo-dobber.
A NEW VERSION of the classic Bizet opera Carmen comes to the Lawrence Batley Theatre this month courtesy of Mid Wales Opera.
com)-- Two New Titles in the Footsteps Series: Vivaldi & Bizet Available on DVD July 31st
Her performance on Friday, especially her third act aria "Je dis que rien ne m'epouvant" (or "I say that nothing can scare me," in GWO's translation), left me wishing Bizet had written more for her character to sing.
Carmen, an opera written by the French composer Georges Bizet, made its debut in 1875.