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 (byûrn′sən), Björnstjerne Martinus 1832-1910.
Norwegian writer who sought to revive the literary language and character of Norway. His works include the novel The Fisher Girl (1868) and the epic cycle Arnljot Gelline (1870). He won the 1903 Nobel Prize for literature.


(ˈbjɜːnsən; Norwegian ˈbjørnsən)
(Biography) Bjørnstjerne (ˈbjɜːnstjɛənə; Norwegian ˈbjørnstjernə). 1832–1910, Norwegian poet, dramatist, novelist, theatre director, and newspaper editor; mainly remembered for social dramas, such as The Bankrupt (1875): Nobel prize for literature 1903


(ˈbyɜrn sən; Norw. ˈbyœrn sʊn)

n. Björnstjerne,
1832–1910, Norwegian poet, novelist, and playwright: Nobel prize 1903.
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It belongs to all the books of the great Norwegian Bjorstjerne Bjornson, whose 'Arne,' and whose 'Happy Boy,' and whose 'Fisher Maiden' I read in this same fortunate sickness.
In Bjornson there is nothing of Ibsen's scornful despair, nothing of his anarchistic contempt, but his art is full of the warmth and color of a poetic soul, with no touch of the icy cynicism which freezes you in the other.
A conference as well as an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Bjornson will open later this day in Kosice's Kunsthalle hall of art.
THE DEAL: Three-star Bjornson Hotel is in the centre of the resort - you can ski straight to the lifts and slopes.
as financial advisor, and Bjornson Law Offices, PLLC, as legal counsel.
Bjornson was first elected in 2003 and served in Ministerial roles in Education, Housing and Community development and Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade during his tenure.
Bjornson a ete elu pour la premiere fois en 2003 et a ete successivement ministre de l'Education, du Logement et du Developpement communautaire, ainsi que de l'Entrepreneuriat, de la Formation professionnelle et du Commerce.
com/us-news/2015/sep/05/snowden-criticises-russia-internet-homosexuality) Snowden said last month when accepting the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression's Bjornson prize.
The Bjornson Prize for Freedom of Speech has been awarded to Edward Snowden "for his work on the important issue of the right of privacy".
Williams - Krista Bjornson and David Williams, of Eugene, a son.
Desde los margenes del fiordo, autores tan queridos y estudiados en sus libros por Magris como Ibsen o Hamsun, como Bjornson, Jacobsen y Strindberg, se lanzan a poner de cabeza todo el sobrio edificio heredado de la estricta parroquia luterana.