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I went to Ethiopia, not to get inspired but to see the headwaters of the Nile, but when I saw the brilliance of African art and sculpture I was beyond impressed that I decided to dedicate a collection to black Africa.
Rebecca has already showcased her designs at a number of business and fashion events across Coventry and Warwickshire and her designs have also featured throughout the Miss Black Africa UK pageant in London after she was selected to sponsor one of the contestants.
Standard Bank Namibia handed over the soccer kits to the players of Black Africa and African Stars yesterday as a run up to the Standard Bank Super Cup soccer match that will be played this Friday at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.
The history of Black Africa will remain suspended in the air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect it with the problem of Egypt.
They are a world away here in this sophisticated western city from the heart of Black Africa.
I was "disrespecting" black Africa, you see, implying certain heads of state were thieves.
The bottom 10 included six cities from the Islamic world and three in Black Africa.
Ansaru is short for Jamtu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladissudan, which translates roughly to "Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa.
The terrorists, also called the Vanguard for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa, killed a guard during the raid and freed Nigerian household staff.
If for no other reason, I prefer him for his family roots in black Africa, for his middle name Hussein, and for having had part of his schooling in Indonesia.
As described by Kwame Dawes in a book review of Ojaide's Poetic Imagination in Black Africa, Dawes states that "Ojaide's prose is decidedly plain, direct, and almost pedantic in style.