Black African

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Noun1.Black African - an African who is BlackBlack African - an African who is Black    
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
caffer, caffre, kafir, kaffir - an offensive and insulting term for any Black African
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Black people are currently under represented as blood donors, with less than one per cent of active blood donors coming from Black African, Black Caribbean or mixed race communities.
As a result, Eritrean cyclists Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus became the first black Africans to compete for the coveted yellow jersey, with Teklehaimanot becoming the first black African to don the aACAyKing of the Mountains' polka dot jersey, from stages six to nine.
The recent events in South Africa, where black African immigrants were being attacked by fellow black South Africans, brings to mind policies associated with Willie Lynch's infamous address to slave masters of Virginia in 1712.
It is the lowest rate among the four ethnicities studied in the council report - with black Caribbean (60 per cent), Pakistani (66 per cent) and black African boys (67 per cent) on free school meals in Birmingham all performing better, although still below the achievement of boys who are not eligible for free meals.
The project aims to seek people with talent and skills within the Black African community in Coventry and Warwickshire and empower them to help other members of the community who are isolated and marginalised to overcome barriers, tackle issues and help solve problems faced by their community.
According to Sport24, the racial quota would be in addition to the current regulations that require franchises to include at least one black African player in their starting teams.
The Manchester University study also found 24% of white British people had no qualifications - more than those classed as black African (11%).
It surveyed the attitudes of two SA populations, black African and white, to organ transplantation.
Sporting authorities have reintroduced racial quotas for domestic professional teams in a bid to encourage more black Africans to emerge through the ranks The latest to adopt quotas is cricket with the country's six franchises ordered to field at least one black African in each starting line-up.
Being South Asian, Black African or African-Caribbean - even if you were born in the UK.
She is the first black African woman writer to be so honoured.
Indeed, the latest incidents in Kinshasa and Punjab are only a small part of a long and bitter history between South Asian and black African peoples 6 both on the Indian subcontinent and in Africa.