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A city of northeastern South Carolina east-northeast of Columbia. It is the site of a major auto-racing track.


1. (Placename) an industrial town in NE England in Darlington unitary authority, S Durham: developed mainly with the opening of the Stockton-Darlington railway (1825). Pop: 86 082 (2001)
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in NE England, in Durham. Pop: 98 200 (2003 est). Area: 198 sq km (77 sq miles)


(ˈdɑr lɪŋ tən)

a city in S Durham, in NE England. 100,200.
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Vaguely I could discern the black bank of the trees and the lighter expanse of the moor, for the moon was behind the clouds.
Certain groups, black banks, white banks, old-line activist groups, will try to stand in the way of our ability to use crowd funding to ignite progress.
A 10 mile Weardale Way via Wolsingham, Thornley and Black Banks, walk will be led by Ken Barry at 10am on Sunday from the Demesne Mill Picnic area at Wolsingham.
For black banks that are struggling, the credit crisis could force them to look for merger or acquisition partners from stronger minority banks, according to Paul C.
Carver Federal Savings Bank is the nation's largest African and Caribbean American-operated bank, and one of only two black banks on the Nasdaq.
I read that black banks are closing, merging, or downsizing.
Top black banks and advertising agencies have achieved growth by acquiring one another, but buyouts between BE 100s industrial/service companies are less common.
Overall, the number of black banks will shrink as leading institutions like Carver, Boston-based OneUnited (No.
Some of the factors for the stock growth of black banks include rising profits, lower interest rates, and greater visibility--all of which allow the banks to deliver higher returns to their investors.