black book

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black book

A book containing names of people or organizations to blacklist.

black book

1. a book containing the names of people to be punished, blacklisted, etc
2. in someone's black books informal out of favour with someone

black′ book`

a book containing a blacklist.

Black Book

A book kept by the master of a coven into which the names of newly-initiated witches were written during the medieval sabbat.
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Noun1.Black Book - a list of people who are out of favorblack book - a list of people who are out of favor
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
References in classic literature ?
The Black Book was a sombre volume in which the names of boys were written with their misdeeds, and when a name was down three times it meant a caning.
Upon this score he was so jealous of austerity and reserve, that when the Dame de Beaujeu, the king's daughter, came to visit the cloister of Notre-Dame, in the month of December, 1481, he gravely opposed her entrance, reminding the bishop of the statute of the Black Book, dating from the vigil of Saint-Barthélemy,
And again the archdeacon had protested, objecting that the ordinance of the legate, which dated back to 1207, was anterior by a hundred and twenty-seven years to the Black Book, and consequently was abrogated in fact by it.
To state that my terrible patron carried this little black book about the world solely to swear people on in cases of emergency, would be to state what I never quite established - but this I can say, that I never knew him put it to any other use.
said Provis coming forward, with his little clasped black book, and then addressing himself to Herbert.
An extinguished candle stood on the table; she was bending over the fire, and seemed reading in a little black book, like a prayer-book, by the light of the blaze: she muttered the words to herself, as most old women do, while she read; she did not desist immediately on my entrance: it appeared she wished to finish a paragraph.
HE has been made to feel her temper; HE is in her black books too-- and that after having done all he can to help her, poor fellow
At this point I propose to transcribe some notes I made at the time in little black books which I have hunted up in the litter of the past; very cheap, common little note-books that by the lapse of years have acquired a touching dimness of aspect, the frayed, worn- out dignity of documents.
Irais has poked fun at her, and I have been, I hope, very kind; yet we are bracketed together in her black books.
I am in Lady Agatha's black books at present," answered Dorian with a funny look of penitence.
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