Black English

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Black English

or Black English Vernacular
2. Any of the nonstandard varieties of English spoken by black people throughout the world.
Our Living Language In the United States, Black English usually refers to the everyday spoken varieties of English used by African Americans, especially of the working class in urban neighborhoods or rural communities. (Some linguists use the term African American Vernacular English.) It is an error to suppose that Black English is spoken by all African Americans regardless of their background. In fact, the English spoken by African Americans is highly varied—as varied as the English spoken by any other racial or ethnic group. · Sometimes Black English is used to refer to other varieties of English spoken by black people outside of the United States, as in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.


(or black′) Eng′lish,

1. a dialect of American English spoken by some members of black communities in North America.
2. any of a variety of dialects of English or English-based pidgins or creoles spoken by black people.
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Noun1.Black English - a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States
American English, American language, American - the English language as used in the United States
gangsta - (Black English) a member of a youth gang
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It came from reading people who were using Black English and celebrating people who spoke Black English.
It is important to acknowledge that despite critics such as Michael Chapman (Literatures, "Telling") tending to obscure a resilient communal consciousness in the anteriority of black English writing and those like Clarkson under-decoding it in the early 21st century, gravitation towards such a collective cultural identity continues to characterise black literature in the post-apartheid, and perhaps for other South African literatures transnational context of today.
Andy Preece will become the first black English manager to coach in European combat when Airbus UK begin their Europa League campaign next month
Brasch, Walther 1981 Black English and the mass media.
Consider, then, the role of language in the developing identity of a young speaker of Black English enrolled in a mainstream school in which Standard English, the language of the dominant culture, is taught.
The effects of Black English and code-switching on intraracial perceptions.
came from listening to my grandmother speak black English.
Thomas is one of a few recognized Black English language writers of Quebec.
I mark these two terms in quotation marks here because they became the source of controversy when an African-American woman in the class objected to my use of them; she not only felt that I was denigrating Black English by placing it in hierarchical opposition to Standard English, but also that I was over-generalizing.
The box has illustrations of three interlinking babies on each side of red and white Chinese characters and black English instruction.
How many Black English cricketers have played for Test sides in the last decade and how many coach counties?
At a time when English managers are under-represented in the top flight and black English managers non-existent, it would be a travesty.