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 (chĕr′nə-zĕm′, chîr′nə-zyôm′)
A very black topsoil, rich in humus, typical of cool to temperate semiarid regions such as the grasslands of Ukraine and southern Russia.

[Russian chernozëm : chërnyĭ, black + Old Russian zemĭ, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]

cher′no·zem′ic adj.


(ˈtʃɜːnəʊˌzɛm) or


(Geological Science) a black soil, rich in humus and carbonates, in cool or temperate semiarid regions, as the grasslands of Russia
[from Russian, contraction of chernaya zemlya black earth]


(ˈtʃɜr nəˌzɛm, ˈtʃɛər-)

a soil common in cool or temperate semiarid climates, black and rich in humus and carbonates.
[1835–45; < Russian <chërn(yĭ) black + zemlyá earth]
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he said, and as he crumbled the rich black soil she saw he was sniffing up the scent of it.
My Chief said every man ought to have a shouk (a hobby) of sorts, and he took the trouble to ride a day out of his way to show me a belt of black soil that was just the thing for cotton.
He would thrust his nose into the cool wood moss, or into the black soil where long grasses grew, and snort with joy at the fat earth smells; or he would crouch for hours, as if in concealment, behind fungus- covered trunks of fallen trees, wide-eyed and wide-eared to all that moved and sounded about him.
The Black Prairie Blues Festival, whose name is derived from the fertile black soil and once rolling prairie landscape of the region, began 20 years ago to honor West Point native Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett, 1910-1976) and other blues artists from the area.
He led them across the drawbridge and down a grassy hill to a patch of black soil.
Both we and a number of investigators at other objects [7] stated that at the objects of mine rock areas with small presence of sand, clay and residues of black soil man-induced ecotopes successfully overgrow, unlike the ecotopes that are formed with the only one massive rock.
Even with the rich black soil, there was oppressive poverty and the eternal cycle of plenty or scarcity.
Black soil prairie: Average soil amino sugar N concentration beneath leguminous leadplant shrubs at Prospect Cemetery was greater than in adjacent soils 2 m distant from its canopies as well as the New Jersey tea soil average.
Around 40 percent of the world's fertile black soil areas are in Ukraine, and foreign investment is needed to develop the sector," Gres said.
6 million acres) of arable land as well as 30 percent of the world's black soil - the most favorable soil for agriculture.
It is pretty evident that black soil [ Delhi] doesn't bounce as much as red soil [ Chennai].
According to Japanese news site Rocketnews42, it's a special black soil from Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture, and it has been tested for safety, News.