Kazimir Malevich

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Noun1.Kazimir Malevich - Russian abstract painter (1878-1935)Kazimir Malevich - Russian abstract painter (1878-1935)
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In the Senate Chamber of the ancient Republic we wearied our eyes with staring at acres of historical paintings by Tintoretto and Paul Veronese, but nothing struck us forcibly except the one thing that strikes all strangers forcibly--a black square in the midst of a gallery of portraits.
I can see his white face, at this moment, in the great black square between the bed-curtains.
But at that moment he chanced to turn his face so towards the light, that I plainly saw they could not be sticking-plasters at all, those black squares on his cheeks.
The logo was designed by using a black square with one of its corners highlighted by a vibrant aquamarine sphere.
The survivor is a checkerpiece being slid from black square to red square while the verbal interplay goes on behind the scenes.
Drivers seeking to leave the southbound M53 at junction 2 are advised to follow the solid black square symbol which will take them to junction 3 where they can exit, use the junction roundabout to join the northbound carriageway and travel up to the northbound exit slip at junction 2.
MUM SLATES COUNCIL HANDYMEN FOR SIMPLY PAINTING BLACK SQUARE OVER RACIST GRAFFITI ON HER FLAT DOOR Marsha Barnett-Ebanks: It's funny how some people say if you have been racially abused you should just get on with it brush it under the carpet.
Featuring a wealth of intricate instrumentals and catchy choruses, Between The Clock And The Bed and Black Square come the closest to recreating the genius of the hit singles from Everything Must Go.
Indeed, there has always been a close relationship between industrial design and pictorial abstraction, and in The House That Lazar Built, 2013, the French artist, in his largest canvas for his modestly scaled recent show "Patterns in Sound," has created an homage to El Lissitzky: a fifty-nine-by-fifty-nine-inch white painting marked with a large, downward-facing red triangle appearing beneath a black square, which is seemingly proportioned to fit perfectly inside it.
High up, and straddling the corner where the walls meet, is Malevich's celebrated Black Square (the 1929 version from the Tretyakov gallery).
Given a rectangular grid of squares where each square either contains a letter or is a black square (as in a crossword puzzle), a string is a group of horizontally or vertically contiguous letter squares that is immediately preceded and succeeded by either an edge of the grid or a black square.
He did present his suprematist image as grounded in the anti-naturalistic, schematic Orthodox icon, with its saintly aspirations to the Isaiahan Kingdom of Justice--for the Black Square was mounted across the corner of the room, like the most honored icon in a Russian Orthodox household.