Black angel

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(Zool.) a fish of the West Indies and Florida (Holacanthus tricolor), with the head and tail yellow, and the middle of the body black.

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A hundred black faces turned round in their rows to peer; and beyond, a black Angel of Doom was beating a book in a pulpit.
Above, the stripy Herrera creation which came eighth in the fashion parade, the black Angel Sanchez (no 7) and the Gustavo Cavile gown with fashion trim which was her sixth pick of night' SIZZLING: Eva's second outfit, main picture and above' THREE AND EASY: Her third outfit, above, and the fourth, top MARIOANZUONI/REUTERS
THE BLACK ANGEL by John Connolly (Hodder & Stoughton pounds 14.
The journey through a dark night or wood occurs in "The Black Angel," published here as the first of the dream stories, though written since 1953 and first published in 1955:(8) "it was as if my spirit was waking up in the middle of a very dark night as if I was alone in a wood of presences & powers vague enraged potentialities I could not see or name" (DS, 28; my emphasis).
wholly owned Black Angel zinc/lead property in West Greenland.
Now John Connolly's The Black Angel (Hodder & Stoughton, pounds 14.
Coming up in Portland: Pink Martini, Black Angel, 8 p.
including Project Engineer on the Black Angel Mine Project in Greenland, Project Manager for the Polaris Mine Project on Little Cornwallis Island, NWT, (the furthest north metal mine in the world) and finally Cominco Vice President, Northern Group, responsible for operations of the Con Mine (Yellowknife, NWT), Pine Point Mine (Pine Point, NWT) and the Polaris Mine.
Extensive exploration and development programme under way at Black Angel in
Timea Faludi, 25, known as the Black Angel, is charged with eight specimen murders but admitted giving lethal doses of drugs to between 30 and 35 seriously ill and elderly patients in Gyula Nyiro hospital, Budapest.
on progress of its 2006 exploration programme at its Black Angel zinc/lead