Black silver

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(Min.) See under Silver.
(Min.) stephanite; - called also brittle silver ore, or brittle silver glance.

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The British political satirist poked fun at the country's black silver fern flag and said it could be a flag of a vegetarian pirate ship.
You've LBD b lace fa linger wobb Black silver Freedo Black lace dress, PS45, M&S; silver bangle, PS8.
The phone is designed with a unibody construction technique in addition to the back of the device comes with a special Black Silver colour with what XOLO calls a luxuriant finish .
I have Black Silver and Raise Me Up in mind for the Classic,"headded,"andIhave oneortwofortheGrandPrixas well,includingBallyardBuggy "
Opposite page: Carmen Marc Valvo black silver shimmer gown, $3,330, lariat, $240, and earrings, $170, all from Saks Fifth Avenue.
8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rorion Gracie, head of the famed Gracie jiu-jitsu family and Co-Founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has prevailed in a nearly 2-year federal lawsuit against San Diego clothing retailer Black Silver Enterprises, Inc.
MEN'S "ZANE" black silver Costa sunglasses, $239 * Steve's On The Square, 415 Center Ave.
Jennifer Lopez will be the envy of Long Island when she's out and about with their new baby twins, thanks to two beautiful Onyx Black Silver Cross Balmoral prams she has taken for the pair," the New York Daily News quoted the suit paper as stating as to what the company wrote in a caption on its Web site.
With its new colours; black silver and a hint of red, it looks superb.
BLACK SILVER might be found wanting in a clean-run race as it is always difficult coming from off the pace in this class of event.
Within the sleek ebony black Silver Spur III, the finest materials have been used by Rolls-Royce craftsmen to produce a unique Rolls-Royce reflecting the company's worldwide reputation for unsurpassed craftsmanship.
The other semi went to Gerry Ballentine's Diamond Cnoc, who showed good early to lead on the run-up, but was made to battle to fend off a whirlwind finish from Stuart Mason's Black Silver, beaten a head, also in 24.