Black wolf

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(Zool.) A black variety of the European wolf which is common in the Pyrenees.
A black variety of the American gray wolf.

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References in classic literature ?
Say your prayers, my pigeons," he continued, with a vile oath, "for The Black Wolf leaves no evidence behind him to tie his neck with a halter later, and dead men talk the least.
If it be The Black Wolf," whispered Father Claude to the boy, "no worse fate could befall us for he preys ever upon the clergy, and when drunk as he now is, he murders his victims.
In the little room but two could engage him at once, but so fiercely did his blade swing and so surely did he thrust that in a bare moment The Black Wolf lay dead upon the floor and the red giant, Shandy, was badly though not fatally wounded.
The Black Wolf dead, Red Shandy and John Flory wounded, James Flory, One Eye Kanty and Peter the Hermit prisoners
With The Black Wolf dead, and may the devil pull out his eyes with red hot tongs, we might look farther and fare worse, mates, in search of a chief," spoke Red Shandy, eyeing his fellows, "for verily any man, be he but a stripling, who can vanquish six such as we, be fit to command us.
Eugene Meat Collective - Held at Black Wolf Supper Club, 454 Willamette St.
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against AEU Holdings LLC and AEU Benefits LLC (collectively AEU), and Black Wolf Consulting Inc.
I would also be interested in a "Rifle Report" on the guns that are out of my budget but that are still on a bucket list: Sako Black Wolf with adjustable stock, maybe a high-end Bergara long-range hunter.
0, Gin Rum 'N Truth, Black Wolf Gypsies, and Beia Stone; and was hosted by Rizal Park host staples Djan Dwaine Canary and Paul Martin Ross.
Derek (Tyler Hoechlin): The brooding werewolf disappeared at the end of Season 4 after evolving into a full-blown black wolf.
com)-- Shoreline Entertainment and Black Wolf Media Group have recently finalized an agreement to work in conjunction on the licensing and distribution of various international film projects.
Minimal illustrations show an approaching black wolf against a background of flat yellow sky and green ground.