Lepus californicus

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Noun1.Lepus californicus - the common jackrabbit of grasslands and open areas of western United StatesLepus californicus - the common jackrabbit of grasslands and open areas of western United States; has large black-tipped ears and black streak on the tail
jackrabbit - large hare of western North America
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alleni was absent from the hottest and most-arid portions of the Sonoran Desert where the sole representative of the genus is the black-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus californicus.
Rodents like the antelope ground squirrel, black-tailed jackrabbit, and wood rat chew through the bark to suck moisture out of the trees during dry spells.
sycamores (Platanus racemosa), or large gray pines (Pinus sabiniana), with sustainable California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi) and black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) populations, either along the Coast Range or the Sierra Nevada (Grinnell and Miller 1944).
The following is a description of the Black-tailed Jackrabbit from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's web site:
Thanks, but we'll pass on the greenery that's eaten by the black-tailed jackrabbit, who, in turn, serves as a main course for the red-tailed hawk.
pacificus is most often found on lizards and the black-tailed jackrabbit, Lane says.
The black-tailed jackrabbit is distributed throughout most of Texas with the exception of the Big Thicket region of southeastern Texas.
In the Santa Susana Mountains, the plan calls for increasing the SEA from 22,107 to 26,795 acres, protecting wildlife corridors, Braunton's milkvetch, Santa Susana tarplant, the golden eagle and the San Diego black-tailed jackrabbit and desert woodrat.
The black-tailed jackrabbit is common statewide except for the Big Thicket region (Davis & Schmidly 1994).
X 1 (Neotoma mexicana) * Northern grasshopper - X 1 mouse (Onychomys leucogaster) * Mearn's grasshopper - X 3 mouse (Onychomys arenicola) * Deermouse (Peromyscus) * X X 1 Cactus deermouse - X 3 (Peromyscus eremicus) * Harvest mouse X - 1 (Reithrodontomys) * Yellow-nosed cotton rat X - 1 (Sigmodon ochrognathus) * North American porcupine - X 1 (Erethizon dorsata) * Aztlan rabbit (Aztlanolagus X - 1 agilis) Jackrabbit (Lepus) * X X 1 Black-tailed jackrabbit - cf.
The black-tailed jackrabbit occurs throughout the county in a variety of ecological settings, but it is especially common in short grass situations such as heavily grazed pastures.