Cynomys ludovicianus

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Noun1.Cynomys ludovicianus - tail is black tippedCynomys ludovicianus - tail is black tipped      
prairie dog, prairie marmot - any of several rodents of North American prairies living in large complex burrows having a barking cry
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Black-tailed prairie dog movements among the subcolonies were restricted by a ridge, dense vegetation, and an unpaved, graded, secondary road, therefore the three subcolonies were considered independent of each other with respect to Rozol[R] treatment.
Correlations between burrowing owl and black-tailed prairie dog declines: a 7-year analysis.
There are numerous examples about how states have cooperated to develop effective partnerships among non-governmental organizations, state and federal agencies, industry, and private citizens to successfully preclude the need list species like the swift fox (Vulpes velox) and black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus)--two excellent examples from the past.
Prevalence and abundance of fleas in black-tailed prairie dog burrows: implications for the transmission of plague (Yersinia pestis).
Abstract--In response to petitions to list the black-tailed prairie dog (BTPD, Cvnomys ludovicianus Ord) as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, an inventory of the BTPD in Texas was undertaken.
The Conata Basin is a portion of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland in southwestern South Dakota, which has extensive black-tailed prairie dog Cynomys ludovicianus colonies (approximately 11,803 ha; Fig.
The black-tailed prairie dog and one of her young were photographed but the rest are still below ground in burrows.
Despite this precipitous decline, the black-tailed prairie dog was removed from consideration as an endangered species in 2004.
Fish and Wildlife Service removed the black-tailed prairie dog from the list of candidate species for endangered status.
Saskatchewan's 20 to 25 black-tailed prairie dog colonies are the only prairie dog communities in Canada.
The two blocs together encompass approximately 900 square kilometres--current and proposed space--and are home to a wide assortment of wildlife: from one of Canada's largest black-tailed prairie dog colonies to prairie rattlesnakes, pronghorn antelope, swift fox and a large variety of birds, including the peregrine falcon, sage grouse and burrowing owls.
Saving the black-tailed prairie dog on these public lands is critical because the majority of prairie dog towns are located on private lands that are rarely subject to even minimal protections for this imperiled species," says Tom France, director of NWF's Northern Rockies Project Office.