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n.1.A clergyman; - familiarly so called, as a soldier is sometimes called a redcoat or a bluecoat.
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Koyono's Blackcoat Sport replaces business casual with business active, adding sporting credential to the staid sport coat form.
Lacking in sex, drugs, and curse words, The Blackcoat Rebellion series will be popular with a younger audience looking for new dystopias.
The new additions to the successful BlackCoat line of outerwear will inspire men to more seamlessly balance work, travel and entertainment with maximum ease, style and comfort.
BlackCoat Surf Edition offers all the benefits of outerwear but in a shape and weight that can be worn all through the summer.
BlackCoat Sport adds real sporting cred to the staid sport coat form.
BlackCoat Work is a hybrid between the classic jean jacket and a sport coat and is made from lightweight stretch cotton with Nano(R) water repellant technology.
Kitty was a low-ranked member of society, but since she was masked (the process of transforming a person into another's likeness) as Lila, she has been the pawn of both the prime minister, who masked her in order to stop the rebellion Lily was orchestrating against him, and Lila's fiance, Knox, who is secretly a member of the Blackcoats Rebellion to which Lila belonged.
On its sweet will, delegations of politicians, khakis, blackcoats and the like had to be dispatched to the US territory.