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n.1.The act or practice of extorting money by exciting fears of injury other than bodily harm, as injury to reputation.
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If this young person should produce her letters for blackmailing or other purposes, how is she to prove their authenticity?
No doubt his blackmailing case is absorbing all his faculties.
He is known to have held papers which he used for blackmailing purposes.
There are a certain number of riverside roughs who make quite an income, during the summer, by slouching about the banks and blackmailing weak-minded noodles in this way.
The affair on the liner--I mean the matter of the card game--was for the purpose of blackmailing the knowledge they seek from my husband.
Even the newspapers, with one or two blackmailing exceptions, ceased abusing him and became respectful.
is more detestable than blackmailing, precisely as the business of a
The prisoner, on the contrary, was at that time at a lonely spot called Marston's Spinney, where he had been summoned by an anonymous note, couched in blackmailing terms, and threatening to reveal certain matters to his wife unless he complied with its demands.
Because extortion and blackmailing are common ways for hackers to make money, they find it easier to fool the gullible and vulnerable young people.
Shafiq and dismissed Colonel Khalid Rasheed are accused of blackmailing Mailk Riaz.
Recently introduced cyber crime laws state that anyone blackmailing someone over the internet can be jailed for two years and fined up to Dhs500,000.
Police in Bishkek arrested a 23-year-old man in Bishkek for blackmailing women on social networks to have sex with him.