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Blairism tried to ride the wave of globalisation and, had 9/11 not changed the course of history, Blair would have introduced more of the private market into public services.
Obviously, Mr Watson wasn't watching Labour Conference so perhaps someone ought to inform him that Jeremy Corbyn's massive election victory represented, thankfully, the final death knell for Blairism in Labour.
The last time I was at a conference was 1995, again at Bournemouth, in the height of Blairism.
Pitching is branding, it is the politics of Blairism.
Blairism died yesterday in London's Royal Festival Hall, where that former leader delivered his 1997 "new dawn has broken" victory speech, when bus driver's son Sadiq Khan rather than Tessa Jowell was picked as the party's candidate for London Mayor.
It has seemed to be "a building in search of a purpose", almost being seen as a symbol of the shallow and, at least in part, meretricious values of Blair and Blairism.
So it was that this week Roy Hattersley, the party's former deputy leader, declared that the electoral appeal of Blairism was a "myth".
Or will it find it impossible to find a different solution to the problem that Blairism was once thought to have solved?
But Blyth Valley MP Ronnie Campbell, one of those who will be fighting the next election, said Labour were moving away from Blairism.
As to recent history, from 1979 onwards, right-wing policies have dominated from Thatcherism, Majorism, Blairism to Brownism.