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Noun1.Tony Blair - British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)
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It appears to be that half of the shadow cabinet has old Blairites on board and with the possibility of a vote on the bombing of Syria once again on the agenda in the Commons, the Blairite faction will surely vote with the Tories.
Firstly, saying Labour supports staying in the EU to appease the Blairites, and secondly, not taking into account the effects of mass migration on UK wages and infrastructure.
CWU leader Dave Ward in endorsing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader was right in calling the Blairites a virus.
Miliband could return as an MP if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labor leader to try to take advantage of the hard-left candidate's likely downfall, leading Blairites have suggested.
I am disgusted with the Blairites who are making all this noise and, if they are big enough, they should go the whole hog and put forward a resolution to expel all left-wingers once and for all.
HE Blairites are back, and this time they won't be silenced.
In the end it was the Opposition reshuffle that proved more interesting with what was instantly branded the Purge of the Blairites.
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone supported Mr McCluskey, claiming he was being "smeared" by Blairites plotting to sever union ties and oust Miliband.
Unite general secretary Len McCluskey last month warned Labour leader Ed Miliband that he would be "cast into the dustbin of history" if he sided with Blairites.
BLAIR and the Blairites were back, like the undead, last week with the new edition of Blair's ludicrously air-brushed memoirs.
Meanwhile, Ed Miliband has told the Blairites that New Labour is dead and if they kindly climb into their political coffins he'll nail down the lids.
His unseen presence was inevitable as his successor, Gordon Brown, staggered from disaster to disaster and as the torch-carrying Blairites sniped from the sidelines.