n.1.A kind of linen cloth made in Normandy, the thread of which is partly blanches before it is woven.
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For tomato producers, researchers, students, and gardeners, Blancard explains the diagnosis of parasitic and nonparasitic tomato plant diseases through descriptions and color photos, using a specific method for diagnosis and detailing methods of protection.
Mary Lecomte, Linda Blancard, and Kim Kattouw came in just before dinner, each with a bull, too.
The galley of Bernard d'Ormesson, Baron of Saint Blancard, put in at Cadiz in May and at Lisbon in June for supplies.
Saint Blancard was well-known to the Portuguese court.
Saint Blancard was wounded in the leg, and on 4 July Odet de Selve arrived in London to negotiate.
61) Pierre Blancard, Manuel du commerce des Indes orientales et de la Chine (Paris: Bernard, Bergeret, Sube et Laporte, 1806), pp.