n.1.A kind of linen cloth made in Normandy, the thread of which is partly blanches before it is woven.
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Henle and Blancard argued that this factor is a significant predictor of cyberloafing.
Social, cultural Children living with several generations of differences adults or with adults who lived in the same community over several generations are more aware of time beyond living memory; time permeates the stories of all cultures (Bernot and Blancard 1953).
This would appear to question the equal weighting of these two indicators in the HDI (supported by Blancard and Hoarau, 2011).
For tomato producers, researchers, students, and gardeners, Blancard explains the diagnosis of parasitic and nonparasitic tomato plant diseases through descriptions and color photos, using a specific method for diagnosis and detailing methods of protection.
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Mary Lecomte, Linda Blancard, and Kim Kattouw came in just before dinner, each with a bull, too.
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