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n.1.The part of a tree which lies immediately under the bark; the alburnum or sapwood.
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I found it easy to get comfortaf blea behind the wheel - although the steering column onlyl adjusts verticalle yl and there'rs ' no seat height adjustment - and all-roundr visibility is excellent.
But Ames and Blea, both of Lompoc, were camped out in the heart of darkness, unafraid to bear their team colors but fully understanding that with every Trojan point would come a torrent of taunts.
According to the guidelines established by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Daniel Blea was denied participation in Spanish Market because of his imagery: he incorporated devils into his retablos.
The same holds true for their needs (see Blea, 1992; Gaw, 1993).
For postmortem care, the tool tells users to "follow principles of standard precautions" and to "disinfect surfaces with blea ch/water solution of 1:9 (10 percent solution).
If, on the other hand, the country rejects PR, the future will look blea k for the Lib Dems.
This announcement follows Brown Rudnick's June notice that David Blea, former partner at Morgan Lewis, and Ada Clapp, formerly of Schulte Roth & Zabel also joined the firm's New York office.
Theh evidence v is stackingc upand education watchdoc g Estyn paints a gloomy m picture of the leve e l of support availav blea to our schools.
They prover d the saying a - that it is the taking part that counts rather than the winning - to be absolutely l correctr by havinga the maturity to cope with their inevitae blea disappointment at not going through r to the final round and continuingn to play a a full role in their questioning and challenging of the eventual v winners.
Peter Huntley, 55, the former managing director of transport company Go North East, died after falling from a snow-capped slope on High Street, close to Blea Water, in the Lake District.
ukick B New Fo s Blea Th Eng Wat out V on t of K with If Kat as e B Chi four slid Viewers saw Helen, 44, sit on the sofa last week instead of Kate, who usually presents with Dan Lobb on Fridays.