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 (blā′rē-ō, blā-ryō′), Louis 1872-1936.
French aviator who was the first to cross the English Channel by airplane (1909).


(French blerjo)
(Biography) Louis (lwi). 1872–1936, French aviator and aeronautical engineer: made the first flight across the English Channel (1909)


(ˈblɛər iˌoʊ)

Louis, 1872–1936, French aviator, pioneer aeronautical engineer, and inventor.
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Noun1.Bleriot - French aviator who in 1909 made the first flight across the English Channel (1872-1936)Bleriot - French aviator who in 1909 made the first flight across the English Channel (1872-1936)
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That would be Johnny Oates going out in his Bleriot," some one remarked.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 A draught horse; 2 Anatomy; 3 York; 4 Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford; 5 Spinach; 6 Red; 7 Paul Revere; 8 El Tel; 9 Nagano; 10 Louis Bleriot.
1909 - Louis Bleriot became the first man t o fly across the Channel, flying his three-cylinder monoplane from near Calais to Northfall Meadow near Dover Castle1948 - Bread rationing ended in Britain.
1909: Louis Bleriot makes first flight across the Channel.
Also on This Day: 1666: the Dutch fleet was totally routed by the English at the second naval Battle of the North Foreland; 1834: Death of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge; 1843: Death of Charles Macintosh, waterproof clothing inventor; 1887: Death of Henry Mayhew, founder of Punch; 1909: Louis Bleriot made the first Channel crossing by aircraft landing in Dover after 43 minutes; 1943: Italian dictator Mussolini forced to resign; 1948: Bread rationing ended; 1959: The first of Sir Christopher Cockerell's Hovercrafts crossed the Channel in 50 minutes; 1978: The first test tube baby was born in Oldham, Lancashire.
A PILOT yesterday successfully flew an original Bleriot monoplane over the English Channel on his second attempt one day after the centenary of the first cross-Channel flight.
Tobias, airplane pilot and Harriet Quimby re-enactor, of flying the 1909 Bleriot flying machine that raced and easily beat a 1914 Stutz Bearcat automobile at the Collings Foundation Race of the Century yesterday.
1872 Pioneer aviator Louis Bleriot was born in Cambrai, north-east France.
1837 - Compulsory registration of births, marriages and deaths came into effect in England and Wales1872 - Louis Bleriot, aviation pioneer, was born in France.
In 1903 the Wright brother took to the air for the first time over Kitty Hawk beach, and six years later Bleriot completed his historic flight over the English Channel, duly winning himself the pounds 1,000 prize offered by the Daily Mail.
Bleriot, also called Louis, crawled from the tiny cockpit and sat on the tailplane until he was rescued.
of prime contractor for the rehabilitation market in all trades, 674 multi-family units to WATTIGNIES - White neighborhood Laugh - Terray streets, Bleriot and Lindbergh Fleming.