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(Placename) a city in N Algeria, on the edge of the Mitidja Plain. Pop: 269 000 (2005 est)


(ˈbli dɑ)

a city in N Algeria. 191,314.
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Noun1.Blida - a city in northern Algeria at the foot of the Atlas Mountains to the southwest of AlgiersBlida - a city in northern Algeria at the foot of the Atlas Mountains to the southwest of Algiers
Algeria, Algerie, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea with a population that is predominantly Sunni Muslim; colonized by France in the 19th century but gained autonomy in the early 1960s
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Avant d'accueillir la Tanzanie ce soir a Blida en match retour du second tour eliminatoire du mondial 2018 (zone Afrique), les Fennecs ont desormais toutes les cartes en main pour sortir victorieux de cette double confrontation.
The Blida tramway feasibility study entrusted to the group Bureauxd'etudes Algerian - French EGISRAIL - DAR TOTAL SOLUTION allowed dedefinir variant of the first tramway line in Blida consists of primary and two secondary ALine shaped sections depouvoir fork to serve the densest neighborhoods in order demieux meet growing demand movement stand in the wilaya of Blida and the best use of the performance of laligne structuring Tramway.
BLIDA, Lebanon: The lack of winter rainfall and the onset of the dry summer months is raising concerns that Lebanon and Israel could face renewed disputes over the allocation of scarce water resources along Lebanon's southern border.
BLIDA - Algerian presidential candidate Ali Benflis on Monday slammed the record of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, saying the ailing incumbent had failed to push through reforms despite 15 years in power.
BLIDA (TAP) - Tunisia's U17 soccer team and Algeria's drew 1-1 a friendly game played on Saturday in Blida, Algeria.
Nafaa formed part of the crew on the Algerian cargo ship MV Bilda that was seized off the Horn of Africa ship MV Blida and held hostage in Somali waters for more than ten months.
Khelil, who went to the province of Blida (50km southwest of Algiers) where he supervised the putting into operation of natural gas public distribution systems for the benefit of several rural communes in the province, said he was pleased with the efforts made by the State and (electricity and gas company) Sonelgaz to better life conditions of citizens while providing the necessary conditions for industry development.
Summary: The government has decided to import one million tonnes of cement to face the "great speculation" in the national market, Industry and Investment Promotion Minister Hamid Temmar said Sunday in Blida.
Summary: The Algerian army has killed 16 armed Islamist fighters during an operation in the mountains of Blida province, about 100 kilometres south of Algiers
Antar Yahia, Algeria defender, scored after 31 minutes in Blida to earn the Desert Foxes a 1-0 victory over Gambia in Group 6, reversing the result of a match between the countries in west Africa last weekend.
But it was only in 1938 that the Algerian government officially inaugurated the Hopital Psychiatrique de Blida, which served both the European and indigenous communities in the Algerian departments of Algiers, Constantine, and Oran.
The contract value in the current year is in excess of (pound)4 million or $6 million and calls for LCC manage all aspects of the wireless network's implementation in the cities of Constantine, Setif and Blida.