blind tiger

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blind tiger

n. Chiefly Southern & Midland US
A place where alcoholic beverages are sold illegally; a speakeasy. Also called regionally blind pig.

[After the early custom of exhibiting animal curiosities in speakeasies.]

blind′ ti′ger

Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S.
an illegal saloon.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Then the harpooner carried away a pink flask to be filled in some blind pig, for there were no licensed saloons in that locality.
Speakeasies, blind pigs or blind tigers as they were known, originated in the states during the prohibition era between 1920 and 1933 when alcohol was made illegal.
James habit, get his book, Of Blind Pigs and Big Bucks.
Sailors, Slackers, and Blind Pigs is popular history at its best.
They stopped preying on storekeepers and vendors and turned their attention to bigger things--the blind pigs [illegal saloons] of the Prohibition era, the gambling joints, and the bawdy houses.
Supplying the blind pigs with alcoholic beverages became an extremely profitable enterprise.
To earn extra cash, the gang shook down blind pigs and gambling houses.
But as the gang's deeds became more brazen, and their activities in shaking down blind pigs and gambling houses more widespread, the name came to mean terror, violence, slugging and clubbing.
The Purples controlled the liquor traffic from Canada, as well as a number of blind pigs and gambling houses.
At Prohibition's height, some 20,000 blind pigs were estimated to be operating in Black Bottom, in deserted warehouses, apartments, "closed" saloons, and the like.
a New York-based record label that has introduced the English-speaking world to Blind Pigs, the ultra-political Negu Gorriak and a handful of other bands, has made an excellent decision in putting out a live CD of one of its most popular bands.