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 (blē′nē, blĭn′ē)
n. pl. blini
A light pancake served with melted butter, sour cream, and other garnishes such as caviar.

[Russian bliny, pl. of blin, pancake, from Old Russian mlinŭ, blinŭ; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈblɪnɪ) ,




pl n
(Cookery) Russian pancakes made of buckwheat flour and yeast
[C19: from Russian: plural of blin, from Old Russian mlinǔ, related to Russian molot' to grind]


(ˈblɪn i, ˈbli ni)

n., pl. blin•i, blin•is.
a small yeast-raised pancake, usu. made with buckwheat flour and often served with caviar and sour cream.
[< Russian bliný, pl. of blin; Old Russian blinŭ]


A Russian pancake made of buckwheat and yeast.
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Noun1.blini - Russian pancake of buckwheat flour and yeastblini - Russian pancake of buckwheat flour and yeast; usually served with caviar and sour cream
battercake, flannel cake, flannel-cake, flapcake, flapjack, hot cake, hotcake, pancake, griddlecake - a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle


[ˈblɪnɪ] Npanqueque m ruso
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Blinis are some of the oldest pancakes known, dating back as far as pre-Christian times.
The company produces Spelt Oat Fingers, Spelt Blinis and a range of Ice Cream for Grownups handmade with cream, milk, raw cane sugar and egg yolks.
uk to book Blinis with blackberry and creme de cassis sauce (Serves 4) Ingredients For the blinis | 300ml milk | 30g sugar | 1 x sachet (7g) fast action yeast | 100g buckwheat flour | 100g plain white flour | 1 egg, separated | a knob of butter | mild oil for frying | whipped double cream for serving For the blackberry and cassis sauce | 500g blackberries | 100g caster sugar | 1 lemon, juice only | 5tbsp creme de cassis Method | The blackberry and cassis sauce can be made a day in advance.
Butter the blinis pan and spoon in the mixture and then cook in the oven at 180oC for 6-8 minutes.
Over lunch at the Tropenhaus Terrasserie restaurant a tiny tasting of the precious eggs with bite-sized blinis and quail's eggs followed by a salad topped with flakes of smoked sturgeon meat--Andreas introduces me to this ancient family of fish and initiates me into the mysteries of caviar production.
Arrange three mini blinis per person on serving plates, top with 50g smoked salmon per person, then a poached egg and a big spoonful of the sauce.
Julien's objective was to load cocktail sized blinis, each weighing 9g, into a thermoformer with each pack containing 12, 16 or 20 pieces, arranged as 4 stacks in each pack.
Prompting one of Emm's geeky academic friends to say: "I've never seen blinis made from first principles before.
With its compact, but varied menu, Granny's Pie offers a range of blinis - similar to a crepe or thin pancake stuffed with different meats, fish or vegetables; a selection of pirogi - 32cm pies that are baked and similar to a quiche as they contain a mixture of fillings; and traditional salads.
If you want to try your own royal-style canapes, have a go at these: Smoked salmon on beetroot blinis For the blinis 7floz/200ml warm milk 3oz/85g melted butter plus extra butter for the pan 1 tsp easy-blend yeast 2 large eggs 6oz/170g flour 1 small raw beetroot, finely grated 2 tsp grain mustard or a little freshly grated horseradish To serve 14oz/400g smoked salmon, cut into strips 7floz/200ml crme fraiche fresh dill Method In a large bowl, mix the milk, butter, yeast and eggs.