Blister plaster

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a plaster designed to raise a blister; - usually made of Spanish flies.

See also: Blister

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Transparent and slim, with superior cushioning to provide instant pain and pressure relief, this new generation Hydra-Gel technology blister plaster is very discreet to wear.
Foot blister plaster sales have risen by 41 per cent in the past two years and Tesco have rung up a hike of 23 per cent in the past year.
Choose leather not pleather, wear them around the house first, practice makes perfect, invest in Compeed blister plasters (a genius invention) and smile
6,5kms of Elastoplast, 2700 blister plasters, 19,000 compresses
I would like to say a big thank you to my fellow walkers and supporters who turned out in the rain, providing us with much-needed blister plasters, chocolate caramel and the odd flask of tea
Pack your special marathon bag that you get given with Vaseline, good snacks for after the race, space blankets (easy to keep you warm then throw away at the start), warm clothes - as you will get cold quickly after the run - a spare pair of shoes just in case your trainers get wet or rub, blister plasters, spare toilet roll and wet wipes.
The year three children had previously sent a survival package to the Wags with trekking socks, blister plasters and sweets.
So, take that trusted friend with you and remember to wear those new shoes around the house or on a couple of outings before the wedding otherwise I suggest you buy some of those magic blister plasters from the pharmacy and keep them in your wedding handbag.
True the survey was by a company makes corn and blister plasters but any girl about town and there's aplenty about attractive but shoes.
My suitcase contains everything I might need - blister plasters, muscle-relaxing gel, eye drops, shoe spray, and pads to protect my toes.
New Elastoplast Blister Plasters (Large 6's and Small 8's / Au4.
So after 'check in' armed with backpacks full of blister plasters, snacks and bottles of water we headed to the foot of the Great Wall for our first trek of the week.