Block chain

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1.(Mach.) A chain in which the alternate links are broad blocks connected by thin side links pivoted to the ends of the blocks, used with sprocket wheels to transmit power, as in a bicycle.
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Adarsh Credit is working towards a safer and secure financial system in India through its implementation of block chain solutions in partnership with Bank Chain.
Cryptocurrency which is considered the new type of digital currency using the block chain technology is now leading the 4threvolution attracting people's attention.
Fintech, internet of things, block chain and artificial intelligence are some of the major technological developments,"Seetharaman pointed out.
Bitcoin is based on the distributed ledger of block chain technology, where the data regarding trades are stored in peer-to-peer networks of all trade participants, instead of a third-party central server.
Fintech, Internet of Things (IoT), block chain and artificial intelligence (AI) are some of the major technological developments.
The recently appointed chief of Taiwan's Central Bank, Yang Chin-long, this week mentioned that the bank may consider implementing block chain technology to improve the security and efficiency of transactions.
Once images are registered, each image is assigned with a unique serial number, allowing the block chain system to track unauthorized usage and distribution.
Speakers in the second day of Meet ICT conference pointed the global market for Block chain is expected to grow from $ 210.
Summary: Block chain platform launched in UAE allows 'tokenisation' of luxury cars which appreciate over the years
Among these technologies are those based on Block chain (distributed-ledger technologies), Bitcoin, crypto technologies, cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, crypto exchanges, payment solutions and financial solutions.
But put more simply and from a layman's perspective, it means that in the near future, when the so-called Influence Revolution is complete, the fans that invest the most in the market value of their idol using tokens from Block Chain can have dinner with them, go on set visits with them, finance projects (movies, recordings, etc) for them, have a say on what they wear on certain days and occasion, organize fundraisers with them basically turning the table on them by calling the shots, thus, influencing back the influencer.
Pakistan is one of the few countries where the Crypto industry and block chain technologies have been introduced at their early stages and are slowly turning into a booming industry.