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A bar of dense cake, typically flavored with brown sugar and vanilla and often baked with nuts.

[blond (from its light brown color ) + -ie (on the model of brownie).]
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BANDS don't come much more iconic or long-lasting than Blondie.
BANDS don't come much more famous or long-lasting than Blondie.
BOOK IT BANDS don't come much more iconic or long-lasting than Blondie.
Ahora, la ultima en sumarse ha sido la actriz de Pieles Macarena Gomez (39), que ha abandonado su tono castano natural y se ha sumado a la tendencia del blondie.
Additions will include Blondie Red, a bold infusion with a dark Cameroon wrapper; and Blondie Morado, a "rich and robust" ACID in a Maduro wrapper.
New wave pioneers Blondie celebrated their 40th anniversary last year and the band has an awful lot to thank its lead singer for.
STARING straight down the camera's lens, a young Debbie Harry oozes the sexiness that made the Blondie singer a fixture on teenagers' bedroom walls.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Forty-one years after Blondie hit the music scene, frontwoman Debbie Harry is looking back -- but not through her music.
Blondie O2 ACADEMY, BIRMINGHAM SINGER Debbie Harry may be in her 70th year but it's still easy to see why she became such an icon in the late 1970s.
That's what a record producer said of Deborah Harry in a documentary about the band Blondie and the making of their breakout album "Parallel Lines.
Being the iconic creation of Mattel, Barbie, seems like the lifelong aspiration of 38-year old Blondie Bennett.