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n.1.(Bot.) A genus of bulbous plants, natives of Southern Africa, named Hæmanthus, of the Amaryllis family. The juice of Hæmanthus toxicarius is used by the Hottentots to poison their arrows.
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Bloodflower is collaboration between Tom Manning and myself.
Steady as she goes" could be the motto of Bloodflower - the duo consisting of producer Tom Manning and Jonnie Owen - former frontman of Welsh indie rockers The Last Republic The electro pairing have been locked away in Monnow Valley Studios in Monmouth since September, messing around with ideas.
HINWOOD, Christine Bloodflower Allen & Unwin, 2009 302pp $19.
Good Nectar Flowers: Butterfly Weed (Asdepias tuberosa), Bloodflower (Asdepias curassavica), Honeysuckles (Lonicera spp.
com/mastersinfrance Similarly indebted to a conductive electro vibe are Bloodflower.
Other landmark Cure albums include Pornography (1982), The Head on the Door (1985), Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987), Disintegration (1989), Wish (1992), Wild Mood Swings (1996), the Grammy-nominated Bloodflowers (2000) and their last full length release, the self-titled set The Cure (2004).
Brandon explained: 'The first concert I ever went to was The Cure's Wild Mood Swings tour and I saw their Bloodflowers tour.
Frontman Robert Smith is 45 now and previous albums Wish and Bloodflowers had been pretty ropey, to put it kindly.
THE CURE are playing a one-off "secret" gig to promote their forthcoming new album Bloodflowers.