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Metro Mold leveraged its expertise from multiple processes--blow molding, injection molding, and compression molding--to come up with a modification of accumulator-head blow molding that could create geometries non-native to blow molding.
Blow molding the wall panels allows them to be formed with adequate height for a large walk-in enclosure, eliminating the need for stacking panels.
Sizes up to 300cc will be manufactured on brand new equipment using the injection blow molding process.
Lee leads a team that conducts blow molding seminars for the Society of Plastic Engineers and workshops on both industrial and high production blow molding.
Tests are said to have proven that general grades of Santoprene TPV exhibit minimal changes in physical properties, even after 11 passes through a typical blow molding machine.
22, 2004, with the SPE Blow Molding Division's Lifetime Achievement 2004 Award at the 20th Annual Blow Molding Conference.
Blow molds for products up to 55-gal capacity for extrusion blow molding.
Session 8 on "Blow molding, stretch blow molding and plasma-assisted coating" will include the following presentations: "Radial preform profiling through the application of flexring technology," J.
The expansion reconfigured existing lines to streamline the operation, added two high-density polyethylene blow molding lines, and introduced a new, fully automated polycarbonate blow molding line for 3- and 5-gallon water bottles.
Blow molds for products up to 55- gal capacity for extrusion blow molding.
Given some of the comments overheard at SPE's Annual Blow Molding Conference in Toledo, Ohio, in October, it seemed the attendees didn't expect to hear about many innovations in their field.