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n.1.A blowing off steam, water, etc.;
2.An outburst of temper or excitement.
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Blow-off nozzles, air heaters and blower seen from above
There's also a small environmental cover to the rear of the blow-off panel.
PowerDry is the most compact and affordable blow-off system on the market, used by major manufacturers throughout North America for 270-degree removal of moisture and debris in date coding and labeling applications.
I have to return some videotapes," says Patrick Bateman to his fiancee in American Psycho, dropkicking their engagement with the most memorable blow-off line of this or any movie year.
40,000 Test Facility Expansion Provides Drying & Blow-Off Application Users Real-World Test Results
Timesavers' new Random Air Motion Blow-Off is simple, efficient, uses few parts, reduces labor and improves the air quality in the plant.
Equipment and system capabilities for rubber profile, tubing and hose extrusions are featured in the company's two-page, four-color bulletin, including accumulators and let-offs, cold feed extruders (vented and non-vented), profile and tubing extrusion die heads, shear heads and gear pumps, microwave and hot-air curing systems, infrared curing systems (vertical and horizontal), continuous salt bath curing systems, hot air salt removal blow-off units, hot water wash units, cooling tanks and cooling drums.