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The robbers are described as white, around 20 years old, one wearing a orange or red helmet and the other a blue helmet.
Wearing their Abaya and donning a blue helmet, the young women surprised workers as they got together to celebrate the International Workers Day.
TD Sean Crowe said: "This State's history of serving in UN Blue Helmet peace-keeping missions is a matter of pride and enhances our standing as a neutral state.
Personally, I would like to see the return of the Blue Helmet.
Rajavi said if Washington refused to do this "the only acceptable option for a relocation inside Iraq is the protection of Ashraf residents by UN Blue Helmet forces and a UN monitoring team stationed in the new location".
Jonsson, Hampel, Holder and Chris Harris have their extra ride from the inside while Nicki Pedersen, Kenneth Bjerre, Janusz Kolodziej and Lindgren will sport the blue helmet twice.
Also taken was a red Honda petrol 5KVA generator worth around pounds 500, a red Nike holdall containing two racing suits, a red and blue helmet and karting gear worth pounds 800.
This is the first published report that Nepal has disqualified military personnel from joining the blue helmet peacekeepers based on their human rights record.
The Blue Helmet written by William Bell (Doubleday Canada)
a still image taken from a video showing doomed parachutist Stephen Hilder, in blue helmet, VICTIM.
I just got the training wheels off my bike yesterday,'' said 7-year-old Anwar Stetson, who showed off his new blue helmet.
And as Moran removed his blue helmet, he added: "And I live in Rockaway Beach.