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Any of several blowflies of the genus Calliphora that have a bright metallic-blue body and lay their eggs in decaying organic matter.


1. (Animals) another name for the blowfly
2. (Plants) any of various blue-flowered plants, esp the cornflower
3. (Law) Brit an informal word for a policeman
4. (Animals) Austral and NZ an informal name for Portuguese man-of-war


(ˈbluˌbɒt l)

2. any iridescent-blue blow fly, esp. one of the genus Calliphora.
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Noun1.bluebottle - an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowersbluebottle - an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
Centaurea, genus Centaurea - knapweed; star thistle
2.bluebottle - blowfly with iridescent blue body; makes a loud buzzing noise in flight
blow fly, blowfly - large usually hairy metallic blue or green fly; lays eggs in carrion or dung or wounds
ذُبابَةٌ زَرْقاء
fiskifluga, maîkafluga, húsfluga
mavi at sineği


[ˈbluːˌbɒtl] Nmoscarda f


[ˈbluːbɒtəl] nmouche f à viandeblue cheese nbleu m, fromage m bleublue-chip [ˌbluˈtʃɪp] adj [stocks, issues, companies] → de premier ordre
blue-chip investment → investissement m de premier ordreblue-collar worker [ˈblukɒlə] nouvrier/ière m/f col bleublue-eyed [ˌbluːˈaɪd] adjaux yeux bleusblue-eyed boy (British) n (= darling, favourite) → chouchou m


[ˈbluːˌbɒtl] nmoscone m


(bluː) adjective
1. of the colour of a cloudless sky. blue paint; Her eyes are blue.
2. sad or depressed. I'm feeling blue today.
1. the colour of a cloudless sky. That is a beautiful blue.
2. a blue paint, material etc. We'll have to get some more blue.
3. the sky or the sea. The balloon floated off into the blue.
ˈblueness noun
ˈbluish adjective
quite blue; close to blue. a bluish green.
ˈbluebottle noun
a kind of large house-fly with a blue abdomen.
ˈbluecollar adjective
(of workers) wearing overalls and working in factories etc. Blue collar workers are demanding the same pay as office staff.
ˈblueprint noun
a detailed photographic plan of work to be carried out. the blueprints for a new aircraft.
once in a blue moon
very seldom. He visits his mother once in a blue moon.
out of the blue
without warning. He arrived out of the blue, without phoning first.
the blues
low spirits; depression. He's got the blues today but he's usually cheerful.
References in classic literature ?
Thither he was brought; the window becoming from within, a wall of faces, deformed into all kinds of shapes through the agency of globular red bottles, green bottles, blue bottles, and other coloured bottles.
Bach Frizzante, Spain |(PS22) We've had one for the reds' fans, now here's a gorgeous fizz in a blue bottle to even things up.
Ay[currency]RI (CyHAN)- A man living in Turkish eastern province of Ay-ry collected a total of five million blue bottle caps for a campaign to provide wheelchairs to the disabled people.
Thor Retail Advisors has secured 15,800 s/f for Blue Bottle Coffee at 279 McKibbin Street in Bushwick.
Over the weekend catch Loggfest in Mold, with live music on Friday and Saturday from The Avenues, The Alibis, Blue Bottle Veins, Marble Head Johnson, The Ambition, Hertz, Babylon Leaf and many more.
One of the new trends in San Francisco was Blue Bottle coffee.
com), the engraver will customise the iconic blue bottle with names, initials or a festive wish and the 10 botanicals are the perfect base for a G&T, or classic martini cocktail.
com) is dressed in a peacock blue bottle with a velvet clad figure tipping its hat to Soho's rich jazz history and a fox's tail marking its status as a night-time haunt.
com) is dressed in a peacock blue bottle with a velvet clad gure tipping its hat to Soho's rich jazz history and a fox's tail mark-mark ing its status as a night-time haunt.
Some of the varieties of migrant butterflies colouring the hills are Common Blue Bottle, Peacock Pansy, Plain Tiger, Angled Castor, Common Castor, Common Grass Yellow, Common Fouring, Common Laster, Painted Lady, Crimson Rose, Yellow Pansy, Blue Mormon, Trycloured Tideflat, Chocolate Pansy, Common Crow and Forget me not amongst many other beautiful ones.
He pilots a bug-like machine that resembles a bladeless ceramic helicopter crossed with a supremely agile blue bottle house fly.