blue plate special

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blue′ plate` spe′cial

a specially priced main course on a restaurant menu, typically of meat, potatoes, and a vegetable.
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If you don't know the difference between a blue line and the blue-plate special, it was still exciting stuff.
You'd be amazed what happens at Homer's Diner, a blue-plate special restaurant in an industrial district near the airport.
Start down this path, and we will see restaurants ejecting customers who order the blue-plate special, department stores sending security guards to clobber anyone found milling around the sale racks.
As can be gleaned from the quotes above, Stoll, Birkerts, and Slouka invent and then inhabit a stuffing-or-potatoes universe: Here's the blue-plate special and absolutely no substitutions are allowed.
The menu features made-from-scratch comfort food including premium cuts of beef, bison, chicken, fish and daily blue-plate specials, as well as homemade cookies and shakes.
In the relaxed comfort of an authentic, Craftsman-style bar and grill, Ted's Montana Grill features America's best-loved foods including burgers and sandwiches, steaks, entree salads and daily blue-plate specials.
For lunch there are daily blue-plate specials, burgers, sandwiches and a pecan pie that is worth the entire trip.
Users are invited to bookmark The Pulse and return every weekday for blue-plate specials designed to simplify and streamline their lunchtime Web surfing.
The menu was simple, consisting of burgers, po' boys, blue-plate specials, and salads.
It features a diner-style menu including sandwiches, blue-plate specials, and breakfast all day.
How about that favorite coffee shop with daily blue-plate specials and red leatherette booths with their own tabletop jukeboxes?