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 (blo͞o′chər, -kər)
1. A high shoe or half boot.
2. A shoe having the vamp and tongue made of one piece and the quarters lapping over the vamp.

[After Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.]


(ˈbluːkə; -tʃə)
(Clothing & Fashion) obsolete a high shoe with laces over the tongue
[C19: named after Field Marshal Blücher]


(German ˈblyçər)
(Biography) Gebhard Leberecht von (ˈɡɛphart ˈleːbərɛçt fɔn). 1742–1819, Prussian field marshal, who commanded the Prussian army against Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)


(ˈblu kər, -tʃər)

a shoe having the vamp and tongue made of one piece and overlapped by the quarters, which lace across the instep.
[1825–35; after German. Latin. von Blücher]


(ˈblu kər, -tʃər)

Geb•hart Le•be•recht von (ˈgɛp hɑrt ˈleɪ bəˌrɛxt fən) 1742–1819, Prussian field marshal.
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Noun1.Blucher - Prussian general who is remembered for his leadership in the wars against Napoleon (1742-1819)
full general, general - a general officer of the highest rank
2.Blücher - a high shoe with laces over the tongueblucher - a high shoe with laces over the tongue
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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Very excitedly we set off on the Eurostar from London to Brussels - the train was packed with people determined to witness the unique occasion of this special re-enactment, which marked a pivotal moment in European history when around 93,000 French troops led by Napoleon faced off against 125,000 British, German and Belgian-Dutch forces commanded by the Duke of Wellington and Marshal Bluecher.
As an infantryman in the Prussian army of Prince von Bluecher, he participated in the Waterloo Campaign and was severely wounded.
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