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Noun1.Adansonia - baobabAdansonia - baobab; cream-of-tartar tree  
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Bombacaceae, family Bombacaceae - tropical trees with large dry or fleshy fruit containing usually woolly seeds
Adansonia gregorii, cream-of-tartar tree, sour gourd - Australian tree having an agreeably acid fruit that resembles a gourd
Adansonia digitata, baobab, monkey-bread tree - African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread
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Caracteres morphologiques et production des capsules de boabab (Adansonia digitata L.
As our main active natural ingredients, we have the essential shea butter for its hydrating properties, mango butter, aloe vera, boabab oil, castor oil, coconut oil.
Boabab is considered a "superfruit" with six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and antioxidants.
Interesting anecdotes were revealed as we walked around, such as how drums are used as a peace sound between tribes, there are more than 50 types of snake in the country, and fruit from Boabab trees is good to treat diarrhoea.
NPV Consulting has developed a proprietary audited financial model for iron ore projects which was used by Equatorial Resources Ltd and Boabab Resources Ltd.
Also 2,878 children aged 0-4 years have been reached with appropriate food, made from banana flour, peanuts and Boabab fruit.
Whitley Neill has some distinctly un-English ingredients to set it apart EUR" fruit from the African Boabab tree and cape gooseberries EUR" which lend a citrus edge.