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n.1.(Zool.) The Poland marmot (Arctomys bobac).
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Todos los animales, previo al inicio de los experimentos, se desparasitaron con Closantil 5% [R] (60 mg de closantel, Laboratorios Chinoin), se vitaminaron con 500 000 Ul de vitamina A, 75 000 Ul de vitamina D3 y 50 Ul de vitamina E (Vigantol [R], Laboratorios Bayer), y vacunaron con Bobac 8 [R] (Laboratorios Intervet) para protegerlas contra las principales enfermedades clostridiales.
It is very difficult, for example, to decide whether the bobac marmot (Marmota bobac), which forages on the ground but spends the majority of its life in a burrow, is terrestrial or subterranean.
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