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n.1.The Osage orange.
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SLEEP: The Bodock B&B offers lovely gardens and a massive Southern breakfast served up by proprietors Jane and Toby Winston.
The main character, Bodock the Giant Creature, was envisioned to be 2,000 pounds, nearly 14 feet tall, and 10 feet wide.
4] Nogueira RG, Bodock MJ, Koroshetz WJ, Topcuoglu MA, Carter BS, Ogilvy CS et al.
It lists over twenty names -- including Bodock and Horse Apple -- for "Maclura pomifera": 'The genus name is after William Maclure (1763-1840), an American geologist, while the species epithet pomifera means bearing pommes or apples, in allusion to the large, spherical fruits.
Thank you very much for giving me the information about the Bodock B&B shown in the Small-Town Spotlight on Pontotoc in the September/October issue.
If you are going to stay the night, book a room at the beautiful Bodock B&B.
Making each duck call by hand, he prefers working with black walnut, bodock (osage orange), coco bola, dogwood, mahogany, or mesquite woods.
You've heard of the championship bodock fence post-throwing contest, but have you seen it for yourself?
Don't forget to see the champion bodock fence-throwing contest.
Bring the whole family to see the championship bodock fence-post-throwing contest, as well as enjoy arts and crafts, games, food, a petting zoo, and much morel Call 662.
Of course, no bodock festival would be complete without a bodock fencepost throwing competition.
The back yard's large bodock tree, the namesake of Pontotoc's Bodock Festival, was split in three by the tornado; its wood was eventually made into three rocking chairs by master craftsman Greg Harkins.