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(Shipbuilding) an end elevation, showing the conbour of the sides of a ship at certain points of her length.
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The bacteria that live in and on a human body form a personal microbial cloud.
Arijai Aeshetics and Wellness offers skincare procedures like photorejuvenation and chemical peels as well as body contouring services like Smart Lipo and Cellulaze to help patients achieve perfect curves and body form without the pain.
For enhancing golf form by re-engineering the body form and posture to release tension and stiffness, the Prime4orm bio-anatomical shirt is created.
Her photos are extremely popular with 'muscle lovers' - people who think a maxed-out muscle physique is the perfect body form.
Swedish company SCA, which makes Body form, said it was "shocked" and "concerned" about the attitudes of more than 30 people who complained to councillors about its poster in the village.
6) In warm and shallow water, the gases within the body form rapidly, resulting in a possible rise to the surface within a day or two.
Available only in three-door body form, the Getz SE costs pounds 6,995.
If walking upright first set our human ancestors apart from their ape cousins, it may have been their ability to run long distances with a springing step over the African savanna that marked the transition to today's human body form.
Just let their body form a swing rather than trying to force a technique or a method on to them.
With double axels, triple salchows, and triple twists, figure skating is a sport in which body form and physical endurance play a large part in the athletes' performance.
Other than the difference in general body form and size, these two metacestodes appear to be very similar.