Bofors gun

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Bo·fors gun

 (bō′fôrz′, bo͞o′-)
An automatic antiaircraft gun based on a Swedish design and having a caliber of 37 or 44 millimeters.

[After Bofors, a city of south-central Sweden.]

Bofors gun

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an automatic single- or double-barrelled anti-aircraft gun with a 40 millimetre bore
[C20: named after Bofors, Sweden, where it was first made]

Bo′fors gun`

(ˈboʊ fɔrz, -fɔrs)
a 40-millimeter automatic gun used chiefly as an antiaircraft weapon.
[1935–40; after Bofors, Sweden]
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Noun1.Bofors gun - an automatic double-barreled antiaircraft gun
ack-ack, ack-ack gun, antiaircraft, antiaircraft gun, pom-pom, flack, flak - artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes
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The bid for 814 mounted guns is the first big artillery tender in nearly three decades since the scandal-hit Swedish Bofors guns deal in 1987.
More important, instead of focusing on the big- ticket items, the government needs to focus on the smaller but more vital cogs in the country's defence machine which are needed to get existing equipment going-- armour- piercing ammunition for tanks, replacement for Bofors guns, surface- toair missiles, heavyweight torpedoes, sonars and multi- role helicopters whose absence is degrading the capabilities of our existing warships.
Priyanka should refrain from dragging her father Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime minister of India, who lost the elections miserably in 1989 due to the Bofors guns scandal, into the current campaign.
During the war in 1944, anti-aircraft units were taught how to fire Bofors guns using similar methods to today's video games - only everything was life-size.
And we were so lucky, because it was not part of our planning, but we had these Bofors guns on our side of the canal; [but they] were not being employed because we didn't have a bridge.
From jeeps, we graduated to guns, the major controversy being the purchase of the Bofors guns from Sweden in the eighties.
Other attractions included captured German radio-controlled anti-aircraft rocket, a Comet tank, bofors guns, an armoured bulldozer, Bren carriers and mortars.
In Jesmond's holds, which for years had carried the black gold of the Northumberland and Durham coalfields to feed the lights of London, she held on this day men, Bofors guns, the ammunition and stores of a light anti-aircraft regiment.
NEW DELHI, July 15 -- Despite the Indian Army's depleted capability of artillery with nothing except 20-year-old Bofors guns in its arsenal to fight an enemy, the Rs 15,000-crore purchase of the towed long-range heavy artillery guns has been stalled yet again for the fifth time since 2002.
The Regiment provided Bofors guns defence for 50th (Northumbria) Division against Rommel''s Afrika Korps, the D-Day landings on Gold Beach and was at the head of the allied column trying to reach the beleagured airborne troops at the Ar nhem bridge.
The Congress has seen to it that Octavio Quattrochi, an Italian and known to be close to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, is off the list of those who received payoffs for buying Bofors guns from Sweden.
It is the story of a small Royal Artillery unit on the South Coast manning a pair of Bofors guns.